Automobile freight transportation.

Road freight transportation is the main direction of AAWILLI LLC services. Transportation by road in Europe, Russia, the Baltic States, Asian countries, Central Asia and Arab countries is the most convenient and economical type of cargo transportation. It has such indisputable advantages as the speed of cargo delivery from the sender to the recipient of the cargo without intermediate transshipments, if necessary with reloading customs warehouses under the supervision of customs officers, responsibility for each specific cargo and the possibility of a high level of control over its condition and location during transportation.
We carry out transportation of small consignments of cargoes, "Transportation of groupage cargoes" according to the system of delivery and consolidation of groupage cargoes, which allows us to significantly optimize the terms of road delivery. Our partners are only proven and proven European, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian and foreign transport companies engaged in transportation of oversized cargo, transportation of dangerous goods, transportation of groupage cargo.
We will be able to calculate for you the cost of delivery of road transportation by receiving a written request from you to the address . Our experts will contact you and develop the best option for your case.
Throughout the process of trucking, our employees constantly monitor the movement of cargo along the route, thereby ensuring the safety, timeliness and efficiency of transportation. Our customers can always get full information about the location of the cargo on the planned dates of loading, dispatch and arrival at the destination.

Advantages of trucking:

- the possibility of delivering goods from the consignor to the recipient without reloading;
- if necessary, with reloading customs warehouses under the supervision of employees;
- Consolidation of cargoes and transportation of insignificant parties is possible;
- independence from railways, sea and river ports;
- the use of transport over long distances when transporting significant consignments;
- independence from the road network (for transcontinental cargo);
- the use of all modes of transport for long distance transportation;
- groupage cargo, transportation of dangerous goods, transportation of oversized cargo, transportation by trucks, tents, tanks.