AAWILLI LLC - International transportation, Import & Export.

Intercontinental and international transportation of goods, the main direction of services of our company, AAWILLI LLC.

This is a clear personification of responsibility for each specific cargo and the possibility of a high level of control over its condition and location during transportation. Our services have undeniable advantages in the field of Intercontinental and International cargo transportation.

We will quickly and reliably deliver you any consignment from anywhere in the world, South America, North America, Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, the Philippines, New Zealand, Arab countries, Europe, Russia, the Baltic countries.

We will quickly and reliably deliver you any consignment from China, from India to anywhere in the world.

Transportation of small consignments - "Transportation of groupage cargo" we carry out according to the system of delivery and consolidation of groupage cargo, which allows us to significantly optimize the delivery time.

Our partners are only proven and reputable companies engaged in transportation of oversized cargo, transportation of dangerous goods, transportation of groupage cargo.

AAWILLI LLC can calculate the cost of shipping for you upon receipt of a written request from you to the address.

Our specialists will contact you and develop the best option for your case.

Throughout the entire transportation process, our employees constantly monitor the movement of cargo along the route, thereby ensuring the safety, timeliness and efficiency of transportation.

Our customers can always get full information about the location of the cargo, the planned dates of loading, dispatch and arrival at the destination.